5 Best Mobiles Under $500 for 2023

The list of our 5 best mobile phones. This list is dedicated to those who buy the latest model budget is limited to under $500. You can find various brands with great picture quality and high storage capacity with durable design. So, if you want to buy this latest model for personal use at a cheap price check out the latest model in your range.

Things to Consider While Buying a Best Mobiles Phone under $500

Be careful before you purchase any latest model mobile phone in your range for under $500.  You should have some information about the mobile specification.

1. Apple iPhone 11 Best Smartphone

Apple iPhone 11

Apple iPhone 11 is the top mobile in this list under $500 in the United States. While this smartphone is three years old but still observing customers for it. This set is a very powerful and fastest smartphone among the other phones it uses an A13 bionic chipset. The storage of this Apple iPhone 11 is 256GB and 4GB RAM. It has an LCD display of 6.1 inches and a screen resolution of 1730×900 pixels.


2. POCO F5 Pro- Best Android Phones 

The latest model newly launched POCO F5 Pro takes the prize for only under $500. This Phone is accessible in different color choices.

This model panel is made of glass, and also an anterior panel punch-hole safety device for the selfie camera and 6.6-inch display panel. POCO F5 Pro internal data storage is 256GB along with RAM 12GB.

This headset’s battery timing is 5500mAh.

3. REALME GT NEO 5best cell phone

The newest model recently launched REALME GT NEO 5 cheap price of under $500. NEO 5 is available in different colors to your choice. The set offers a 144 Hz refresh rate 6.74-inch touchscreen display picture resolution of 1240×2722 pixels, an 8+ Gen 1 processor, and RAM 16GB. The set is very fast charging.

4. Samsung Galaxy A52 5G – samsung sam hentai

Galaxy A52 5G recently launched at an affordable price of under 500$. The Galaxy A54 is a nice and clean design.

Better image quality and solid battery life. This set is useable for all people, especially those people who want to use it in two to three years.

5. Google Pixel 5a top smartphone

Google Pixel 5a is the latest model delivered to the same as a Pixel 5 and 4a. The price is cheap best mobiles are under $500.  The Pixel 5a family is offered the suggestion of the essentials at a sensible price without forgoing too much of the Pixel knowledge in the process. A-family Pixel to support waterproofing. The ‘a’ type is a large OLED display, with dual cameras and one front side. 



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